10 Creative Event Promotion Ideas to Use in 2019

It can sometimes be difficult to think of new, innovate and effective event promotion ideas to attract attendees to your event. Since your event can’t be successful without proper promotion and awareness, let’s take a look at some creative event promotion ideas you can use to promote your events in 2019.

  1. Ticket Boost Campaigns

A great way to promote your event is to use attendees as event ambassadors. When tickets to your event are sold, invite the buyer to share a special link to their social media site and through email that offers a ticket discount code for others to use. You can even take your ticket boost campaign further by offering a small refund to buyers for every new sign-up they generate through their special link.

  1. Event Community

FOMO, fear of missing out, is a real feeling people often experience when others around them are attending an event and they’re not. Use FOMO to your advantage by creating an event community that displays the amount of other interested participants and engagement they’ll receive at the event. Creating a community is a great way to create value and networking opportunities for prospects.

  1. Event Partnership

Another great way to promote your event is to partner with another, similar event. When you partner with another event, especially an event with a strong brand, you can not only increase your networking opportunities and event recognition but you also add value to your event for your attendees. Partnering with another event can also improve your own event brand, making it easier to gain more recognition for future events you host.

  1. Event Recap

While you can use FOMO to your advantage before the event to increase attendees, you can also use the fear of missing out to increase attendees for the next event. A great way to promote your future events is to create a recap video showcasing the event experience for future attendees. Showcasing workshops, mixers, and keynote sessions will give prospects a feel for the energy and tone of your event, making them excited to attend the next one. Try creating a video that offers energetic music, impromptu testimonials, and shots of fun and unexpected activities to convey the value your event offers to attendees.

  1. Speaker Interviews

Months before your event starts, sit down with some keynote speakers you plan to feature at your event and interview them. Ask them what they’ll talk about at your event and what benefit their session can offer attendees. These interviews will allow prospective attendees to gauge how beneficial the event will be to them and give them an opportunity to invite their friends and even convince their boss to let them attend the event. Make sure any interview you conduct leaves off with a call to action that will entice the viewer to attend the event and even offer a discount code at the end of the video for anyone interested in attending.

  1. Interactive Agenda

If you’re having trouble attracting more attendees to your events, a reason could be that prospects don’t know what your event can offer them, who will be speaking at your event, or even what the schedule of your event looks like. Try creating an interactive agenda that allows prospects to learn more about the speakers your event will be featuring and even allows them to add speaker sessions to their calendar. When users can see the venue your event will be held at and virtually meet the speakers your event will feature, they’ll be much more inclined to attend your event and even spread the word about your event as well.

  1. Create Geofilters and Hashtags

Geofilters are a great way to improve the attendee experience at your event. Geofilters, located on Snapchat and Instagram, are tags users can add to any photos they take at your event. Try creating event Geofilters for your attendees and provide a place for them to upload their photos so you can use them to promote your event further. If your event doesn’t already offer a hashtag for attendees to use, it’s important to create one and promote the hashtag on all sites that promote your event. When you make it easy for attendees to get more involved with your event, they’ll have a better event experience and help promote your event more.

  1. Offer Free Wi-Fi

It’s almost 2019 which means no one can get any work done without the internet. The most important promotional idea you can use to promote your event is to offer free Wi-Fi to event attendees. Without internet access, attendees will not be able to help you promote your event or capture photos and videos you can use to recap the event later. Offering free Wi-Fi should be at the top of your priorities list when it comes to your event.

  1. Feature a Ticket Giveaway

Who doesn’t love to win free stuff? A great idea to help you promote your event is to partner with similar brands and offer ticket giveaways. Offering fun, low-cost giveaways is a great way to increase brand following, recognition, and engagement. While contests generally fail because companies often ask participants to do too much to qualify or the prize offered doesn’t align with the target persona, giveaways are a more effective way to engage with your audience and spread the word about your event. Make sure that the amount of effort required to qualify is in alignment with your target personas or else your giveaway will fail.

  1. Create a Fun, Interactive Theme

The theme of your event is important because a well-executed theme will allow attendees to remember your event long after it’s over. Creating an event theme not only helps you organize the message you’re trying to convey but also ensures that attendees remember that message after your event is over. When you create a fun, interactive theme for your event, attendees will have a much better event experience which will cause them to want to attend again, spread the word about your event, or even both!

Coming up with creative ideas to promote your event can be difficult sometimes. It’s important that you effectively promote your event if you want people to attend and grow the recognition of your brand. With these create promotion ideas, you’ll be able to successfully promote your event, grow your brand recognition, and provide attendees with a one of a kind event experience.

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