7 Best Practices for Promoting an Event on Pinterest

When most people hear talk of Pinterest, they tend to think in terms of DIY projects and cake decorations. While those things are indeed on there, it is also full of many other things. Many bloggers and businesses have stopped viewing Pinterest as merely a social media account for moms who enjoy crafts and have begun to see it as a search engine.

Even companies such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and General Electric are using the power of Pinterest to build brand awareness and generate leads. If you are looking to promote an event, Pinterest can help get you in front of tons of viewers.

Read on for ways to promote your event on Pinterest.

1. The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Do not wait until the last minute to start. You want to attract many clients, so you need to leave enough time to do that. Also, statistics show that most pins are saved within a couple of months before the event. The earlier you start, the more attention you gain.

2. Create an Attractive Pin

The first thing you should do is to be sure to create an attractive graphic for your event. Use bright colors and simple wording. Websites such as Canva are great for making these types of graphics.

3. Landing Page

After you have created the graphic, you want to be sure that you have a good landing page to which to link it. If you do not already have one on your website, create a page that has the event information, some interesting things about the event, and sign up forms. Now when viewers click on your graphic, they will go to the sign-up page. Be sure that the sign-up form gets placed after your content, so the viewer has time to gain interest before being bombarded with commands.

4. Keywords

Since you will be treating Pinterest as a search engine, SEO is essential. Just as keywords are important for blogs and websites, they are essential on Pinterest, as well. This is a major factor in how you will be discovered.

5. Different Boards

Do not rely on one board to be discovered and attract event participants. Use multiple boards that represent different facets. Show off some past project or some fun you have had at a previous event. If you have multiple speakers at your event, you can include a board about them. The possibilities are endless, and so is the potential to be discovered. The more boards you have, the more keywords you can have. You can also target different audience types with different boards. Link them all to the landing page about your event.

6. Represent Your Business

Your account needs to be branded. Be sure that you are signed up for a Pinterest business account add your logo if you have one and brand colors, and a link to your website. If you do not have a logo, consider creating one now.

7. Offer Freebies

Let’s say you are a wedding planner looking to attract clients by hosting an event for brides. You can give away a checklist about all the bride needs to do before the wedding. Once they click to get it, they are sent to an opt-in form where they put in their email address in exchange for the checklist. The checklist gets sent to their email along with information on the event. That is, of course, just one way to use freebies to attract attention using Pinterest. Giving something away will usually generate many leads.

Harness the power of Pinterest for your business to take advantage of this incredibly active platform. As of September 2018, Pinterest reported having over 250 million users per month. That is many eyes looking to see your event. If you do not have a Pinterest account, sign up for one today and put it to work for you.

Need help promoting your event and finding the right target audience? Then contact us today.

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