8 Ways to Build Your Brand Presence on LinkedIn

Almost every social media platform can help a business or brand grow. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram have been utilized for years with great results. Unfortunately, LinkedIn tends to be overlooked when it comes to boosting brand recognition and presence online. However, LinkedIn can give businesses a competitive edge by using the following brand-building tips:

1. Start building your brand awareness on LinkedIn by first focusing on your personal profile page

A business’s brand includes those involved with building the business. People are part of a business’s brand and can make or break a sale. Therefore, the personal profile page is as important as the business page. Be sure that your profile is as complete as possible and keep it updated as often as possible.

2. Be active and consistent on your LinkedIn Company page

The following steps can help a company stay in front of viewers:

  • Fill in all relevant data fields on the company’s page. The more a customer knows, the more comfortable they will feel with you.
  • Design an appealing header. The design on social media is as important as the design on your website.
  • Keep posts short and add images with them. Like every other social media platform, images catch more attention and lead to greater engagement.
  • Regularly add new content to your company page. Do not let your company’s page grow stagnant.
  • Post at least twice a day.

3. Optimize company pages for SEO by:

  • Link to your LinkedIn company page as often as possible.
  • Share relevant content consistently and often
  • Use keywords in descriptions, titles, and content

4. Add employees and customers as followers on the company page

Also, add a “Follow” button to the company website. The more followers you have, the more exposure you have.

5. Add Showcase pages to your company page

Showcase pages allow a company to showcase a product, market particular segments, and build greater relationships with the customer. These also enable viewers to follow only specific parts of a company as opposed to every part and page.

6. Use LinkedIn SlideShare by embedding presentations into your company page

SlideShare is a great tool that businesses can use to educate and entertain colleagues, current customers, and potential customers. Interactive marketing, which includes presentations, is a very effective marketing tool. By using SlideShare on your LinkedIn company page and website, you have a greater chance of attracting clients.

7. Use analytics

Businesses have a target audience that they wish to reach. A great way to know if they are doing that is by using analytics. They can see what audience they are reaching successfully. This information can help businesses with their marketing campaigns. Analytics can inform businesses whether or not they are reaching the audience they wish to reach so that they can either continue forward with the same marketing strategy or change it if they are not reaching their target audience.

8. Consider sponsoring your company’s best content and/or consider LinkedIn campaigns

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows its users to sponsor their content for greater engagement. If you feel some of your content would gain great results if it were in front of the right people, sponsoring that content may be well worth any money you put into it. Additionally, businesses can create full marketing campaigns through LinkedIn to build relationships and brand awareness.

What Should I Do Now?

As simple as these steps may sound, putting them into action may prove more difficult for those not yet comfortable with marketing on LinkedIn. Fortunately, there are many social media marketers willing and able to take your marketing strategy to entirely new levels. If you need help, consider hiring one of these experts so you can focus on the creative side of your business and the satisfaction of your customers.

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