Best Practices for Promoting an Event on Twitter

Best Practices for Promoting an Event on Twitter

Are you on Twitter and wondering how to increase traffic to your business?

Use of social media has been rising in popularity and understanding how to promote services, products, and business-to-business opportunities are vital to being successful. Knowing how to target the right audience is crucial to being discovered in this technology-driven world.

Twitter has become an essential platform in the business world and is easy to share stories, entertain prospects, and grow a business.

As with most forms of marketing, B2B marketing requires carefully and thoughtfully planned tweets across several channels to increase leads and to build relationships. If you want to be effective in promoting events on Twitter to the right audiences, here are a few tips to consider:

1. Sharing ownership and control

Different points of view allow the conversations and content to have variety and to catch the attention of followers with different perspectives and personalities. Having multiple users to be the online image of the brand or event will help build a consistent flow of messages. You can begin this process by going to

Messages will not only have variety, but multiple users will allow more tweets to show up on an ever-changing and fast-paced social media platform. This allows for events to get noticed more than competing events and if a team member transitions into a different role or to a new department, the teammates will still be able to promote events.

2. Twitter analytics

Timing is always key. Are you wondering when tweets are most likely to be noticed and shared? If so, running Twitter analytics will allow users to know the best times to send out tweets, what is resonating with audiences, and what is or isn’t getting the right response or attention. Running an analytical report from Twitter will also help to pinpoint the most engaging content and the demographics of the businesses or audiences that you are targeting.

Source: MicroStrategy []

3. Search engine optimization

Discovering the kind of topics that are working well for the audience you are trying to target on Twitter and how frequently those topics are being talked about is an easy task that can be done by using

Enter a keyword or a topic of interest. Understanding how keywords should be used is vital to success on Twitter. To stand out in the competition, use search-optimized words and relevant content. Trending words and industry-specific keywords will be the best way to show up in Twitter search results. Additionally, Twitter allows event promoters to target interested parties with one-click activation campaigns.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags serve as a reliable tool to reach bigger audiences. With hashtags, you are not only reaching current followers but people who follow specific trends on Twitter. Creating new hashtags about your event or around your event topic is one of the easiest ways to promote events and give your audience updates about your event.

Source: GIFER

During the event, attendees and employees can actively participate in the hashtag stream by sharing their experiences, updates, and current events about what is going on throughout the event. They can also post videos, images, GIFs, and other visual elements accompanied by the hashtags to peak the attention of their audience.

5. URL shorteners

While Twitter does have a 280 character limit, a 140 character increase from its previous limitations, there may be times when you have a longer message you wish to distribute to your audience.

If you are wondering how to be effective and share the most information in a fast-paced, short attention spanned world, leaving out non-essential information and avoiding excessive self-promoting messages can help. Shortening important links can also help too. Using a URL shortener (For example, will allow for the most information to be placed in a short message form. URL shorteners also will enable tweets that have built-in analytics that make it easy to find statistics.

Social media will continue to play a significant role in promoting events and drawing people to those events. Twitter is the place people go to for news, trending topics, and updates. Promoting your upcoming events in the Twitter space the right way could help to raise awareness and increase event registrations and ticket sales.

Have you used Twitter to promote events in the past? What are some best practices that you found to be helpful? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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